“It all starts when one feels and starts listenintg to the first heartbeats in the mother’s womb… With that feeling of security we start forming our own rhythm and in time two hearts start beating as one in the same body… We experience “harmony” there for the first time , and then begin to relate to the outside world and form our connections thereof…When we grow up,the only way to remain true to our own reality is by remembering this relationship. We derive our belief in ourselves and self-confidence from the power of the rhythm within us and our ability to express ourselves is complete only as long as we keep listening to our inner rhythm. In order to attain a genuine awareness and be able to really “hear” others, we need to look into ourselves first. It is our inner rhythm, inner melody, which balances out the world within and without…Our most important journey is the one to discover our essence, our journey to self- discovery… And at last when we touch it and let it vibrate with its own unique rhythm and shine through, it is the moment when we have established contact with our most precious value. True freedom brings with it the ability to have access to our inner voice, establish harmony between the world within and the world within. This in turn enables the individual to transcend to a different level of love. Happiness resides in discovering and realizing our own creative potential, which is directly related to the the harmony and peace within ourselves.

True focus and communication comes with our power to create our own reality and the harmony that it bears within. This way we can hear our own melody in harmony with other melodies…“

Renan Koen

Music-Therapy Group Sessions

Renan Koen is personally involved in each step of the process from setting the focus to its very implementation. The therapy can both be structured for the common wishes and needs of a specific group (the number of participants varying between 2 to 20) and also be updated on the spot with new individuals joining in.

Music Therapy Group Work Based on the Common Goals of the Groups

In addition to their own individual goals, family members living together or members of creative teams can benefit when their common goals are clearly set. However, the individuals’ internal or external conflicts stand in the way of creating the ground for a happy, peaceful coexistence both in the short and long term.

Music therapy group work aims to enable individuals recreate and redefine life both in their own private space and the space that they cohabit with their partners.