22 Mayıs 2019 | Şalom – Positive resistance: “March of the Music “

With the inspiration that I received from the “Positive Resistance” of every day and every moment of the Terezin composers along with my experience in the field, I have developed trainings through music for young people, called “Positive Resistance with the Holocaust Reality”.  Currently, I am continuing to conduct these trainings in various locations of the world. This training has become an initiative over the time, and I have started the movement of “March of the Music”, that I put great emphasis on.  This movement has been launched in August 2018 by taking along some students to Terezin, yearly.  This enabled me to give the concert of my dreams, at the location where the work is composed, in Terezin; while two students of the MSU State Conservatory- Istanbul, have joined me on this visit, with the valuable contribution and support of the Turkish Jewish Community.