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The Holocaust will be Commemorated in Şişli with Music
“Before Sleep”
Four Composers/ Three Life-stories
On April 13th we are commemorating the composers who were killed in
concentration camps during World War II.
“Holocaust Remembrance Day Concert” organized by the joint efforts of the
Municipality of Şişli, The Quincentennial Foundation and Anadolu Kültür will
take place on April 13th 2015 at 20:30 in Zorlu Performing Arts Center- Drama Stage.
As the guest of honor, music-historian and author Dr. Gottfried Wagner will
give the opening remarks and join us also as a narrator. The evening is centered
around texts brought together by pianist/composer Renan Koen and Dr.
Gottfried Wagner about life in the concentration camps and the composers who
were kept in these camps. Their works for piano and chorus will constitute the
musical highlights of the evening. Pianist/Composer Renan Koen will be
playing the piano and Nazım Hikmet Academy Chorus will be performing the
choral works under the direction of Erdem Nusret Karakaş. The works of Pavel
Haas, Viktor Ullmann, Gideon Klein and Zikmund Schul who were all
composers who died in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp during World War
II, will be interpreted by the artists.
Notes Rising from the Concentration Camp
The composers who were first imprisoned in the Terezin Concenration Camp
during the war and then sent to Auschwitz to die there kept on composing during
the time they spent in the Terezin Camp. Works by Pavel Haas, Viktor Ullmann,
Gideon Klein and Zikmund Schul, composed for the piano and chorus, will be
performed by pianist Renan Koen, and the Nazım Hikmet Academy Chorus
under the direction of Erdem Nusret Karakaş.
The Witnesses will talk about the Camps
During the evening, documents about people who were imprisoned and killed in
the camps, video-interviews with the descendants of Jewish survivors will be
presented alongside a video-interview that tells the story of a non-Jewish Dutch
The Program:
Hayri İnönü (President of the Municipality of Şişli) Welcoming Speech
Dr. Gottfried Wagner Opening Remarks
Renan Koen, Piano
Nazım Hikmet Academy Chorus under the direction of Erdem Nusret
Renan Koen, Soprano Solo
Burak Kul, Baritone Solo
Date: 13 April 2015 /Monday Hour: 20:30
Venue: Zorlu Performing Arts Center -Drama Stage / ISTANBUL
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